Information About Daveyon Mayne

I am Jamaican-born and raised. I still have the strong Jamaican accent, I can't seem to get rid of it since being in the United Kingdom for11 years 😲 So you're on this page, what do you wanna know?

A little about your background

Before web development, I was majored in electronics. My passion, back then, was for all things electrical and electronics. I had a passion for Technical Drawing. Who remembered the days where you draw with a compass and a t-square? 🙋🏽‍♂️. After College and University (University of Technology, Jamaica), I did voluntary work as a field Electrical Engineer. I installed new lighting system into consumer homes and businesses. I moved onto working full-time then changed career working as a System Administrator for National Commerical Bank, NCB, in Jamaica. Spent almost two years learning Cisco switches and layer 3 routing; this involves using Linux (RedHat). I gained some knowledge in administration, in a bank 🥰

When did you started programming?

It was not until I moved to the UK I've decided to learn programming. The first program I started with was Ruby. I didn't went for PHP or JavaScript, I went for Ruby as it was easily read and understandable. While progressing with Ruby, I managed to pick up other languages: Swift, JavaScript and PHP. Though my full-time job uses PHP, I'm more of a Ruby person. With that being said, I love both backend and frontend in either languages I've stated herein.

In my spare time, I try to learn new things and while doing so I share these findings, with you, on this very website I call MayneWeb. The name implies me doing something on the web 😜

You'll find me on Twitter if you should need a helping hand 🤚🏻 My notifications come through instantly which I'll respond as quickly as possible.